Children’s Earpiercing

Best place for children’s earpiercing!

Featuring ultra thin piercing earring posts, with the largest fashion assortment of piercing earrings, the safest metals, a hand pressured Class 1 Medical Device providing a gentle piercing.

Before having your babies’ ear pierced it is recommend but not mandatory to apply EMLA cream that will work as a numbing cream 30 minutes prior to your child’s ears. Also recommend to request 2 certified piercer to be present at the time of their appointment! Inverness is so confident of their product they also carry their own insurance.

Once you have selected where you want the earrings placed, with our ultra thin piercing system we recommend you hold your child in place as we assure the system into place. Every customer is recommended to fill out a form and sterile gloves are used at every time of piercing. When the service is finished you will receive an ear care instruction form of how to take care of your ears. Most of all every girl at Merle Norman in Langley love children and we want you to have the best experience ever! The 2 reasons why Inverness is the safest…

Reason 1: Fully Enclosed Capsules

Our fully enclosed earring capsules guarantee the safest ear piercing possible. It guards against contamination prior to piercing. Your customers will not have to see an exposed post before the piercing.

Don’t be fooled by claims that an exposed post makes piercing easier…think safety and sterility.

Reason 2: Safety Clutch TM

Inverness Safety Clutch TM earring backs allow for the safest healing of an ear piercing. The earring back shields the sharp pointed earring tip and provides proper healing without allowing the earring back to be squeezed too close to the ear. This greatly enhances the healing process by allowing proper air flow.

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